💜 Kuromi xTiles Productivity Template

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Aesthetic productivity template designed on xTiles, inspired by Kuromi.

You can:

  • Organise your weekly schedule
  • Organise and schedule your classes/timetable
  • Organise notes and assignments for each subject/unit
  • Create a to-do list for priority tasks
  • Track your readlist/watchlist
  • Track your habits and set goals
  • Draft an essay
  • Super cute and easily customisable!


  • Compatible to mobile, tablet (via website) and desktop view.
  • xTiles can be utilised as a website or app.

You'll receive:

  • The link to this template that you can duplicate and edit onto your own xTiles account. Click "copy and edit" on the top right corner of the template (:

You'll need:

  • A preferred device to access your template (e.g. Computer, Laptops, Phones, and Tablets)
  • An xTiles Account (It's free to sign up!)


  • You'll have lifetime access to the link for this template. Buy once, use forever!
  • You'll have access to updates and improvements to the original template.

If you have any questions regarding this product or your purchase, don't hesitate to contact me: peachiesuga03@gmail.com

*Images and gifs used are placeholders that can be removed or replaced to allow for personalisation and customisation. I do not own the image content, all rights are attributed to the original copyright owners.

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Kuromi-themed all-in-one xTiles productivity template

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💜 Kuromi xTiles Productivity Template

0 ratings
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